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iVIZION-LD Bill Validator

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iVIZION® forever changes the way the gaming industry sees bill validators! It is the foundation of intelligent validation and sees better, thinks smarter and runs faster than any bill validator in the industry!


  • Combines high security with flexible stackerless cash drop
  • Easiily adaptable to a wide variety of configurations
  • Flexible free-fall design allows for customized currency storage designs
  • Perfect option for multi-width, multi-currency validation of up to 85mm in width
  • Economical option where no cashbox is required

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The validation and denomination process is powered by Contact Image Sensor (CIS) Technology that scans 75 times more data points than any competitive product and captures the full image of a banknote or a ticket. It optically centers banknotes and eliminates the need for mechanical centering, dramatically improving banknote-to-banknote-processing speed. Inside iVIZION® is the best security combination in gaming: a combined optical and patented mechanical anti-stringing device that detects and prevents manipulation or mechanical cheating.

It runs faster with a powerful processor solely dedicated to banknote evaluation, resulting in a 99+ percent acceptance rate and the fastest banknote-to-banknote processing speed. It is self-calibrating, accepts banknotes up to 85mm wide and has a sealed banknote path with dirt and liquid resistant design, resulting in less service-related down time.

Quite simply, iVIZION® is the best, most powerful bill validator available, your best defense against counterfeiting and your fastest way to profits.

  • Contact Image Sensor (CIS) Technology
  • Optical banknote centering
  • Optical/mechanical anti-threading
  • Two high-speed processors
  • 100% gaming protocol compatible
  • Self-calibrating
  • Easy-entry 85mm wide bezel
  • Sealed banknote path

Overall Dimensions (H x W x D)

  • 119 x 134 x 234mm – without bezel (4.7 x 5.3 x 9.2″)

Power Requirements

  • 3.0A max at 12V
  • DC 12V (-5%) ~ DC 24V (+10%)


  • 64 Mbit Flash memory standard expandable up to 192 Mbit Flash with optional expansion board

Cash Box Capacity

  • Stackless (no cash box)


  • Upgrades released for currency changes and security measures

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